I am a seasoned software developer. I’ve been a programmer, tester, team leader, and project manager.¬†

Over the years I’ve come to realise that my driving force in software development is not a genuine tech interest, but a desire to solve problems and puzzles.

As an agile coach, I do that all the time! My job is to encourage and facilitate efficient work and communication. Which sometimes is a problem, but always is a puzzle. Helping teams set up and maintain agile work processes and lean mindsets, as well as coaching and consulting stakeholders and clients for smooth development cycles throughout the entire organisation.

With my long experience as a software programmer and my keen sense of The Big Picture, I am proficient at finding and addressing bottlenecks, gaps, and snags in the development process.

In this series of blog posts I aim to summarise my experiences, opinions, conclusions, and musings based on the challenges I have identified and – hopefully – overcome.

Happy reading!

Marcus Lagré