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My Views on MBTI

I’ve been asked a few times whether I think personality tests are a good idea or not. As with most things, my answer usually is: It depends. It depends on what you expect to get out of it. I’ve heard… Continue Reading →

Agile Coach Lessons Learned #11: Coaching Past Resistance

I listened to episode #10 of The Law of Raspberry Jam about coaching past resistance, and thought I’d share a little anecdote on the subject. I was coaching a team who were constantly stressed out with upkeep of old stuff… Continue Reading →

Finding ways to not call meetings

Because of office renovations, the team has to move quarters. I’ve been asked to call a meeting to come up with a new office plan for the team. The floor plans for the building are available on the intranet, so… Continue Reading →

How I applied Scrum principles to prepare for the half marathon

I am not a natural long distance runner. I’m more of a gym guy. I started running out of necessity. “Necessity?” you might ask. “How can running ever be a necessity?!” After our second child was born, it was hard… Continue Reading →

Simon Sinek – Start with WHY

Simon Sinek is the current poster child for motivational speeches. He makes compelling arguments and has indeed some very valid and interesting points. Here’s the problem. Simon Sinek is great speaker, not a great writer. His 18 minute TED Talk… Continue Reading →

10 Quick Tips for New Agile Coaches

Being an agile coach is a tricky business. There are so many skills at play at once, that it can feel daunting and nigh on impossible. Here are ten things I’ve learned to help you along! #1: Know the boundaries… Continue Reading →

Agile Coach Lessons Learned #10: Don’t Be the Solution

If something isn’t working, don’t be the solution. Address it, but don’t be the solution. If your team isn’t doing enough testing before deploying software, don’t do the testing for them. At least not in the capacity as coach. If… Continue Reading →

Agile Coach Lessons Learned #9: Bring the Positive

It’s your job to bring the positive, not the negative. Meaning it’s not your job to complain, it’s your job to make note of the complaints, then either address or disprove them. Don’t resort to cynicism, because the cynic rarely… Continue Reading →

Definition of Ready

A lot of organisations who expect their development teams to apply agile methods and practices forget to include the rest of the organisation in said practices. This causes all sorts of misconceptions. Stakeholders and product owners often treat agile development… Continue Reading →

Agile Coach Lessons Learned #8: Nurture your inner Stoic

It’s a misconception that Stoicism means to act with emotionless indifference. Stoicism is in it’s essence a strive for inner calm and clear judgement. In part through self-control and emotional awareness, but also through attitudes and outlooks. We could all… Continue Reading →

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