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MBTI and Software Developers

After my last two posts – Mob Deprogramming and MBTI and Pair Programming – I felt I needed more data on MBTI types in software development. I did after all base most of the latter post on just the one… Continue Reading →

MBTI and Pair Programming

After my previous post – Mob Deprogramming – I felt a need to dig a little further into the subject of pair programming and personality types. But let me first put a quick disclaimer here. This post is a brazen… Continue Reading →

The Illusive Deadline

During a workshop about success factors of projects, many participants put down “a positive time constraint” or similar words as an important part of a successful project. No one seemed keen on using the word “deadline”, but that was in… Continue Reading →

Mob Deprogramming

Pair or mob programming has been the buzz word for a while in development. The notion that two or more heads produce better thinking than one is appealing. You also get automatic competence transfer among team members, when at least… Continue Reading →

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