Because of office renovations, the team has to move quarters. I’ve been asked to call a meeting to come up with a new office plan for the team.

The floor plans for the building are available on the intranet, so I made a printout of the new room on A3 paper. Then I printed and cut out a small desk with every team members name on. I also printed a large Stand up / Meeting area which I hope we can fit in, as meeting rooms are going to be a scarce commodity during renovations.

I placed everything on the table in our stand up area, my plan being to bring the subject up during the daily stand up the following day.

After about fifteen minutes a team member spotted my printouts and within ten seconds every team member in the room was gathered around the table.

Without any instructions at all, without even being asked, they proceeded to make the first draft of the new office layout.

Making a task appealing to solve significantly increases the chance of it getting done – even if it’s as “boring” as floor planning. And best of all: No meeting needed!