If you, like me, become the coach of a team you were once a developer in, there will be a subtle but all encompassing change.

This might not be the case for you, but pretty quickly I started feeling a little…lonely.

No longer was I a natural and self-evident peer among the developers, though I still worked very closely with them. I wasn’t part of the formal management of the organisation either, though I worked closely with them as well. I was a little of both, yet not really either.

You will be seen as a leader, and you will likely be treated differently by the team because of that. More so by some than by others.

In fairness, you will probably have to start acting a little differently as well – simply because it’s your new job. For example, it’s part of your job now to not moan and complain, but to find solutions. You should refrain from gossip. You might need to take a step back from the technical side of things and limit your opinions.

As a coach you bring the positive, not the negative.

I am not saying this has to happen or that it is inherently a bad thing, but this “loneliness” – for lack of a better word – was something I had not anticipated or prepared for.