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Agile Coach Lessons Learned #5: Know your stress

Almost everyone in any sort of leadership position that I know have some of kind of stress coping strategy, and so should you! Why? Because the few I know who don’t have a strategy, sooner or later struggles with health… Continue Reading →

Agile Coach Lessons Learned #4: You don’t exist in a vacuum

Even though you may be assigned as a “team coach”, your team does not exist in a vacuum. For your team to truly succeed in becoming self-organised, the product owner(s) needs to be on board as well. The processes and… Continue Reading →

Agile Coach Lessons Learned #3: Study, study, study

In the past year I have taken a number of courses and read even more books to get a good grasp of what the role should be and what tools I have to execute my responsibilities. Most who work in… Continue Reading →

Agile Coach Lessons Learned #2: The group dynamics have changed

If you, like me, become the coach of a team you were once a developer in, there will be a subtle but all encompassing change. This might not be the case for you, but pretty quickly I started feeling a… Continue Reading →

Agile Coach Lessons Learned #1: Know the boundaries of your role

It is vital that you sit down with your manager, or even your managers manager, to make sure your role is well defined. This dictates what your job is, but more importantly what isn’t your job. This was something I… Continue Reading →

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